Cool Homemade Construction Wrecking Ball Costume

Cool Homemade Construction Wrecking Ball Costume

My 3-year old son Phoenix is into all thinks with wheels!  When I asked him what he wanted to be this year for Halloween his reply was “Hmm…mama…let’s hab a diggah…no no…backhoe!  Hmm, oh mama, I mean a mudd truck!, Yes, a mudd truck.” So here I am thinking,  I need boxes, paint, tape and … Read more

Awesome Backhoe Loader Preschool Halloween Costume

Awesome Backhoe Loader Preschool Halloween Costume

This awesome Backhoe Loader Preschool Halloween Costume was put together with 7 “ingredients”: 3 paper boxes 2 cans white primer spray paint 2 cans yellow spray paint 2 cans black metallic textured spray paint One million hot glue sticks Yellow duct tape for wheel stability and for emergency repair on Halloween night Black fabric straps … Read more

Cute Girl Group Halloween Costume Idea: Construction Workers

My friends and I all decided we wanted to do a group halloween costume that was UNIQUE! So we thought long and hard.........and came to the conclusio

My friends and I all decided we wanted to do a cute girl group Halloween costume that was UNIQUE! So we thought long and hard………and came to the conclusion who wouldn’t enjoy a group of sexy girl construction workers?! And that’s one group costume I’ve never seen done before. So we put our plan into … Read more

Coolest Pregnant Construction Worker Costume

Coolest Pregnant Construction Worker Costume

Halloween was coming and I was 6 months pregnant. I really wanted to do something with my husband, some kind of weird couple but he wasn’t into making fun of himself so it all came down to me, improvising an hour before going to a Halloween party. I went into my friend’s bathroom with a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Backhoe Halloween Costume

Homemade Backhoe Halloween Costume

My 4.5 year old son, who is fascinated by construction equipment, decided that this year he would like to be a backhoe. Knowing right off that there would be no store bought costume available, my husband and I set about devising how to construct a Homemade Backhoe Halloween Costume. First off we started sketching out … Read more

Coolest Homemade Construction Costume

Homemade Construction Costume

This homemade construction costume was a fun project to take on. The Loader actually scoops! Everything was found in my basement except for the paint for a total cost of $15! The Loader and Digger buckets are diaper boxes. The main body is a mosquito zapper box and the upper part is an amazon box. … Read more

Coolest Bulldozer Costume

Homemade Bulldozer Costume

I made this Bulldozer Costume for my 3 year old son who loves construction. I made it out of diaper boxes, and duct tape. I used real working flashlights for the headlights and the cherry top light was a dollar store find! The tracks I made using nylon rope and just hot glued it to … Read more

Coolest Wrecking Ball Costume

Homemade Wrecking Ball Costume

My son PJ (Peter) is wearing a Homemade Wrecking Ball Costume. He had asked to be a tractor and with a little tweaking we came up with this instead. It was made using cardboard boxes, hot glue, paint, a Styrofoam ball and printed accents. It was lightweight and easy for him to hold up, especially … Read more

Coolest Child’s Backhoe Costume

Homemade Child's Backhoe Costume

My son loves construction trucks and backhoes are his favorite by far. Of course that’s what he wanted to be for Halloween. We scoured the internet and found ONE picture of this sort of Child’s Backhoe Costume, but no directions. In the end, to make this costume we needed: 3 yards yellow felt (or yellow … Read more

Coolest Backhoe Loader Digger Costume

Homemade Backhoe Loader Digger Costume

My three year old son is obsessed with backhoe loaders, or diggers, and that’s all he wanted to be for Halloween. With the help of his Aunt, an art teacher, we used a diaper box for the body, another box cut in two for a front loader and back loader, lots of black duck tape … Read more

Cool DIY Construction Worker Costume

Coolest Homemade Childrens Costume Ideas - Photos and How-To Tips

My son loves construction. This was his childrens costume for nursery school, and we also used it for Halloween trick or treating. To make this childrens costume we took two pieces of cardboard, cut them into squares and then painted each one yellow (they can also be covered/wrapped with yellow construction paper). After the paint … Read more

Bob the Builder Costume

After seeing the cheap look of the Bob the Builder store costumes we decided to make our own Bob the builder costume. We already had the overalls and just needed a few more items which we found at a thrift store; we found the hard hat, shoes, belt and shirt. Our son loved it! The … Read more