Coolest Harlem Globetrotters Group Costume

Our group was pretty tall so we thought Globe-Trotters would be perfect. Not to mention we had two college basketball players in our group. Can you guess who? We started at sports authority and found red shorts, tall white socks, blue t-shirts, wrist and head bands. We cut our shirts to make them look more … Read more

Coolest Globetrotters and Referees Group Costume

Our group decided to go as the Globetrotters & refs last year. To make the complete funny Globetrotter costume we purchased the guys short shorts (to help complete the 70’s look), we made jerseys, found as many red white and blue accessories as we could find and completed the look with oversized clown style basketball … Read more

Coolest Homemade MVPuppets Couple Costume

Kobe and LeBron Rolling Through the Streets of L.A.

As huge NBA fans, my buddy and I decided to create puppets modeled after the famous NIKE commercials. Since there were two of us, it was the perfect fit! We gathered some pictures up on the internet and threw a few grids on them to get the proper proportions. Then the fun began!!! … along … Read more

Coolest Basketball Goal Costume

Basketball Goal Costume

I asked my 3-year old what he wanted to be for Halloween and he promptly said a basketball goal! I thought, well that is a silly idea but as my co worker and I commuted to work one day and brainstormed the idea, I quickly changed my mind. This was a great idea. I took … Read more

Coolest Basketball Hoop Costume

Homemade Basketball Hoop Costume

Last year I wanted to be something different then most costumes. So I made this costume out of a laundry basket and i strapped that to my belly. The top part was made of card board and my dad put orange tape in a square formation. The ball was a regular ball I found in … Read more

Coolest Homemade Basketball Hoop Halloween Costume

Homemade Basketball Hoop Halloween Costume

I came up with this Homemade Basketball Hoop Halloween Costume about 2 days before Halloween. I wanted to be something different, and non-obstructive like the box-like costumes I had been in the past. So I was a basketball hoop! All you really need is: Cardboard String Markers Tape A sweatband A hole-punch Face paint Hairspray … Read more

Coolest 70s Basketball Team Costume

Homemade 70s Basketball Team Costume

We decided to become a basketball team, inspired by the 70’s and 80’s. Our team, “The Outlaws” needed a Homemade 70s Basketball Team Costume! After looking for jerseys and shorter shorts and having no luck, we found some red jerseys, which one of the girls added to with stars, a number we chose, and each … Read more