Coolest Homemade Owl in a Tree Costume

Homemade Owl in a Tree Costume

I dressed up in a Owl in a Tree Costume for Halloween one year. I made a mask out of paper plates, feathers, etc. To make my face into the owl, and I glued bark and leaves onto a cardboard box to make the tree. I got lots of comments when I wore this to … Read more

Original Homemade Haunted Tree Costume

Homemade Haunted Tree Costume

My Homemade Haunted Tree Costume took roughly 3 weeks to complete. I made the tree of dark brown burlap and leaves. The tree features a ghost looking out of a knot in the center of the tree. Vines go up the sides with leaves and a paper mache pumpkin that lights up is at the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Scary Tree Costume

Homemade Scary Tree Costume

My daughter (4yrs) decided she wanted to be wear a homemade scary tree costume this year. She loves things like Mr. Bones and scary creatures etc. We started with a cardboard box cut it down the side and rolled it to give it a trunk shape, cut holes for arms and face. I took coat … Read more

Coolest Spooky Tree Costume

Coolest Spooky Tree Costume 15

Hi and Happy Halloween! This year my daughter wanted to be a Spooky Tree so her mom and dad put their minds together to create this sinister looking Spooky Tree costume. We started off by working some cardboard into a log shape then using a stiff round tube rolled in a circle to keep the … Read more

Coolest Garden Halloween Costume

Dirt /Grass Picture

I started this garden Halloween costume with an idea, of anything that you can find that would be on grass, hence the fence, dogs running around, dog fencing, dog poo(with a fly attached to it, ha!) airplane, car, flower, golf ball, and golf flag, added a fence, and woolah! I used a small tote lid … Read more

Coolest Tree Halloween Costume

The Coolest Tree in town!

When my 5-year-old told me he wanted to be a tree for Halloween, I quickly agreed, then thought, “Oh, no! What have I gotten myself into?” After doing some brainstorming, and a trip to both the craft store and the fabric store, here is my Tree Halloween costume. The “hat” inside the tree is made … Read more

Coolest Homemade Halloween Tree Costume

Homemade Halloween Tree Costume

I made the Homemade Halloween Tree Costume out of Great Stuff foam spray, coat hangers and spray paint. I first made a cylinder mold with cardboard putting cardboard in the arm holes to keep them open. Then attached wax paper to the cardboard. I then began spraying horizontal lines of foam around the mold, leaving … Read more

Coolest Autumn Tree Costume

Homemade Autumn Tree Costume

Just started this Homemade Autumn Tree Costume with a big girl’s turtle neck. Sewed and glued fall leaves down both arms and around neck. Scattered some around bodice for color too. Headpiece is a Statue of Liberty crown sprayed brown, and loaded with real twigs, leaves and stones for sparkle. Took her suede brown boots … Read more

Coolest Tree Costume

Homemade Tree Costume

For Halloween 2010 myself and a group of girlfriends were going out in Nottingham and wanted to a theme for our costumes. We decided on Robin Hood (for obvious reasons) and quite quickly every chose their costume. We had Robin Hood, Maid Marion, The Sheriff of Nottingham and Richard the Lion Heart. I really struggled … Read more