We found the idea online for A Shrub…The Best Spy Costume Ever but made our own changes. We bought a plastic tub, the kind with rope handles. It was a thin one, bought it at Dollar General. I cut the bottom out of it and used a file to “soften” the edges. Next we bought a cheap roll of Chicken wire, (approx 9.99) and made a cage out of it. I used zip ties to keep the cage together! I used zip ties a lot in this costume. Made it all so much easier. After I made the cage we started to take apart the Artificial Christmas trees. It took 3 6 foot trees to get it all covered. My son is 10. We wanted it to look real and really full.After I took apart the trees, I started to add them a branch at a time to see where they were needed. I just folded them in half and put them through, from the inside, sticking out!

After we got the shrub all filled in and it was looking like a real tree, we got a Christmas decoration and added it to the tree. The decoration was a red cardinal on a branch. I think it adds to the costume. It was a hit at the costume party. Seen so many parents pulling out their phones to take a quick picture. He loved it. And the best part for him was that the tub we got was big enough so he could bend down inside and pulled his arms in and he just looked like a regular shrub.lol