For Halloween 2010 myself and a group of girlfriends were going out in Nottingham and wanted to a theme for our costumes. We decided on Robin Hood (for obvious reasons) and quite quickly every chose their costume. We had Robin Hood, Maid Marion, The Sheriff of Nottingham and Richard the Lion Heart. I really struggled to think of another character so finally decided to go as Sherwod Forest and make a Homemade Tree Costume!

Firstly I cut out a cloud/cartoon tree shape out on two pieces of green felt. I then cut out (about) 300 leaves, ironed then in half and the stiched them on to the main body of the tree. I then made a pair of brown shorts out of felt, ensuring I had a few spare leaves to stitch to the pockets. I made some roots to tie to my ankles out of brown cone shaped pieces of felt and wore a long sleeved brown tshirt with a few leaves stitched here and there.