You Will Definitely Like this FaceBook Page Costume

Until this year, I’ve always purchased our costumes, since my sewing skills are pretty much limited to sewing on buttons or closing up a simple

Until this year, I’ve always purchased our costumes, since my sewing skills are pretty much limited to sewing on buttons or closing up a simple seam.  But my 11 year old daughter, Meital, told me she was way too old for princess costumes, and she wanted something original. Meital originally thought about making something from … Read more

Coolest Nyan Cat Costume

My mom and I made this costume for Halloween 2011. I was kind of addicted to listening to Nyan Cat so I  wanted to dress up like Nyan Cat. The w

My mom and I made this Nyan cat costume for Halloween 2011. I was kind of addicted to listening to Nyan Cat so I wanted to dress up like Nyan Cat. The way we did it was we found an old white shirt. We also used some old foam and some tan fabric as well … Read more

Coolest Facebook Page Homemade Costume

Coolest Facebook Page Costume

I made this Facebook Page costume myself for a famous San Francisco Annual Race called “Bay to Breakers”. Every comment on it is related to me being in the race, including my status update and Facebook “check in”. Even the adds are funny and related to the party. It was very popular, I got many … Read more

Coolest Facebook Page Costume

Facebook Page Costume

I am a FaceBook queen, all my friends tell me so! For Halloween I dressed up as Facebook! I got cute lil mini blue dress, got some iron on transfer paper & ironed on various emblems: FB , You Like This?, Poke Me, & FaceBook. Then I bought a huge posterboard & made an exact … Read more

Coolest Philosoraptor Costume

Homemade Philosoraptor Costume

My husband teaches Philosophy and did a take on the Philosoraptor costume idea. He used a child’s dinosaur hat and a white sheet to make a toga. He painted his face and half his body green with face paint. He wore a sign he made on the computer that says “Caution: Approaching Philosoraptor may result … Read more

Coolest Facebook Halloween Costume

Homemade Facebook Halloween Costume

This Homemade Facebook Halloween Costume is really easy….all you need is scissors, markers, scotch tape, glue, poster boards and a flat screen TV box. Magazine optional. Cover entire TV box after facebook profile pic hole is cut out. Cover entire box with poster board. Glue and tape it down. You can use magazine for advertisments … Read more

Coolest Facebook Costume Idea

Coolest Facebook Costume 9

Well having a teenager… the “dress up” part will have to be minimal. My daughter came up with the idea of “Facebook”… but her idea was to just walk around with a book and when asked “What are you?” she would put the book up to her face and reply, “Facebook!”. Good idea but not … Read more

Coolest Myspace Costume

Myspace Costume

I wanted to find something original, so I browsed the internet for a good idea. I did not find anything that would be interesting to make, so I got bored of browsing and checked my Myspace page. Than it hit me like a baseball in the head. Hey! I can be a Myspace costume! So, … Read more

Coolest Computer Virus Costume

Homemade Computer Virus Costume

This is a Computer Virus Costume I created for a party with the theme The Garden of Good and Evil. The costume was created from a piece of large cardboard, $2 shop nerdy glasses and the nurse head band and stethoscope from an Adult nurse costume kit (with lacey bits removed) and printing thanks to … Read more

Coolest Homemade Google Maps Costume

Homemade Google Maps Costume

Hello I am Borja, from Madrid, Spain. Sorry for my poor English. I made the Homemade Google Maps Costume with a white t-shirt painting with markers. The marker is made from cardboard magenta and elastic bands to hold it. I think I could have done better but I did it in a day and almost … Read more

Coolest Homemade YouTube Page Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade YouTube Page Halloween Costume Idea

Well, you can’t copyright anything nowadays, so I took a laptop, put it next to my home PC and via Microsoft word, made a template the best I could by using the shapes icon and using all the features (ex: shade, 3d, 2 tone colors, etc.) and used pics of myself for the related videos … Read more

Coolest Homemade Face-Book Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Face-Book Halloween Costume Idea

I designed my son’s Face/Book costume as a play on words with the whole costume centered around his face in a book. For this homemade Face-Book Halloween costume idea I started with two pieces of foam board and cut a hole for the face. I sandwiched him between the two boards and connected the two … Read more

Coolest Facebook Homemade Costume

Homemade Facebook Costume

My homemade Facebook Costume is my Facebook page. I think it is very creative. Though if you want it to be perfect is takes a lot of time, but it is worth it.

Cool Nyan Cat Costume

Homemade Nyan Cat Costume

I decided to make a homemade Nyan Cat costume after seeing the video of the internet meme called Nyan Cat. It’s a gray cat with the body of a big pink Poptart that is flying through space with a rainbow behind it. I wanted to be something colorful, original, and fuzzy, so Nyan Cat was … Read more

Coolest Facebook DIY Costume

Homemade Facebook Costume

This is my own costume representing … FACEBOOK! In order to give you a clear picture of my approach on how I made my Homemade Facebook Costume, I will explain the steps of making. Step 1: The costume is made of a white, able-to-stretch cloth, covering all body parts except the neck and head. Step … Read more