Coolest Homemade Geico Money Costume

Homemade Geico Money Costume

We originally got the idea for a Homemade Geico Money Costume because the Geico money was an add in a Halloween costume catalog and we thought it was a really cute idea. We played with a ton of ideas on how to make it, but eventually found that this was the best way: We bought … Read more

Coolest Homemade Geico Cash Costume

Homemade Geico Cash Costume

Super easy and fun to make, this Homemade Geico Cash Costume is definitely for people of all ages. And since we’ve all seen the Geico Cash commercials by now (and probably still have that song stuck in our heads), this quick and inexpensive costume will be a hit at any Halloween party. I started out … Read more

Coolest DIY Geico Money Costume

Homemade Geico Money Costume

My son William, age 6, has been infatuated with The Money icon from Geico for about a year. He went to the Baltimore Boat Show last Fall and met Ms. Geico who signed a poster for him. He fell in love with Geico at that time and has been obsessed with it ever since. He … Read more

Cool DIY Geico Money Costume

Homemade Geico Money Costume

I used a cardboard box painted green and cut on edges to resemble money to make this Homemade Geico Money Costume. Added foam balls for eyes and a blue and white sheet of paper as a money strap. We inserted two speakers into the foam eyeballs and connected to an iPod nano. We downloaded the … Read more