Coolest Homemade Geico Money Halloween Costume

“It’s the money we could be saving with Geico” was the coolest response we got trick-or-treating last night.

My daughter’s Homemade Geico Money Halloween Costume started with a box. I cut it down to fit my daughter’s size. I also cut a knotch on the back side of the box for her to fit in.

I bought some art paper and drew the $5 bill. I cut blue and white art paper for the bands that go around the money. I hot-glued the plain paper all around the box, then glued a few plain sheets on top and then the $5 bill I had drawn. I rolled up the sides a little, the paper was a little thick.

I put a little green paint on the edges of a paintbrush and stroked across the front to give the impression of a stack of bills. I glued the bands on next after the paint was dry. On the ends of the box, I had cut several strips of cardboard; I hot-glued the pieces to look like the ends of the bills with a 3-D effect. I painted these ends to blend in.

I purchased 2 foam balls, painted eyes in the middle with black paint and then hot-glued them into place. I added straps so she could wear the costume and we were off!