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Coolest Homemade Cardboard Robot Costume

I started this cardboard robot costume with my son’s wish to be a robot, with a H&M box, masking tape and his Robot drawings. I cut out front and back panels and using my 8 year old size as the guidelines for sizes and measurements. Then, I taped the insides with masking tape until I had it right. Next, I used glue gun and duct tape to secure it in place (in the inside of costume).

I Layered cut circles with the lights underneath for eyes and front. For the body lights I Layered sweet wrappers over the puc lights for the red glow.

I used skin coloured flight stocking to cover his Wellington boots. Then, I made cardboard splints for the front of his legs. Next, I made two slips on either side and popped in some elastic with velcro attached to pop on and off.

I dressed him in cardboard coloured clothes. I got some gloves and cut out finger panels and attached onto gloves using double side tape and using the glue gun.

On the back of the cardboard robot costume I got two plastic bottles. I wrapped the bottles and covered them. I added some red and orange tissue paper stripped tore and glued them onto the snout of bottle as flames.

Next, I covered a small box with parcel paper and cut out circles red for stop and green for go. For his flying technology.

Easy to Wear Cardboard Robot Costume

I made the cardboard robot costume so that it easily slips on and off when the child put two arms up in air. I worked on this costume a few evenings late into the night. And for dress up day in school this robot marched lights on and all and literally had a ‘blast off’ in school. He won best costume in his class and they had a disco which all the school photos. Unfortunately the photos came out blurry with his too fast movements but the lights made a great impact as extra disco lights. The next time he wore it I dressed up along side him as the robot inventor with welding goggles and laboratory coat.

The funniest part for my son in school was no one could tell who was in the costume. And he got many ohs and awhs on the day. I really don’t know how I will top it this year. He loves his costume so much. I have walked in many times and there’s a cardboard robot sitting watching TV or playing the xbox.

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