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Cool DIY Caddyshack Costume Idea – Caddyshack Meets Mini Golf

My Caddyshack costume was inspired by a combination of Caddyshack mixed with mini golf. This took me a few weeks to complete. I worked on it when I could usually late nights in the garage.

This Caddyshack costume isn’t that difficult of a costume to build and you can create any shape and size your imagination can come up with.  Although I will say I wouldn’t have wanted it any bigger than I had it. I rolled around in the costume for about an hour with no difficulty. My legs were a little sore after but nothing major. 

It was challenging to get a hole in one as you had to hit it through the moving windmill and into the hole. An old downspout worked perfectly as a ball return and I never had to worry about not getting the ball back. 

This was a fun costume and I got a lot of compliments on it especially when the gopher would dance and sing. 

I used many different tools to complete this project mainly hand tools, drills, jig saw, miter box to cut the 2×4’s etc. There are a million ways to do something like this. Be safe have fun and put your own spin on it, Hope you enjoy!

Materials Used for the Caddyshack Costume

  1. 1 4×8 sheet of 1/2inch plywood
  2. 7 8ft long 2×4 economy studs
  3. 4 caster wheels
  4. Downspout drain pipe or something similar to make the ball return
  5. Various scrap pieces of foam to create the bank
  6. A small motor that runs on 12 volt battery to run the windmill
  7. Reostat to slow down the motor speed
  8. Milk jug for the ball bucket
  9. Indoor outdoor carpet
  10. Dancing gopher
  11. Screws, glue, staples
  12. Accrylic Paint for the signs
  13. Various plywood pieces to build windmill and signs
  14. Construction adhesive
  15. Staples, Screws, Nails
  16. Wire, wiring adapters etc
  17. 12 volt battery to power the windmill

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