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DIY Bullwinkle Costume Cosplays Football Player, Fortune Teller and Magician

Here’s the story behind my Bullwinkle costume. I like to do old school costumes that people my age can relate to. It brings big smiles to everyone I see at the comic cons. People love to tell me how much they loved or their grandmother loved watching Rocky and Bullwinkle.

So I started pictures I copied off the internet for my idea. There were so many great costumes that Bullwinkle wore that I couldn’t choose just one. So, I made multiple outfits for him!

The most popular one is naturally him pulling a rabbit or something else out of his hat.
The tuxedo is a modified ladies blazer. The hat, pants, gloves etc I bought off the internet, the shorts are cut down pants. Bullwinkle’s head is made out of EVA foam. I made the pattern from scratch.

The Lion’s head is printed and enlarged at the print store and placed on foam board. The feet are freehand and covered in fabric. I slip shoes into them for walking.

I also did the same with Football player Bullwinkle costume. I just made a helmet from foam and bought the outfit online.

The Fortune Teller Bullwinkle costume I made from scratch. The Turban is filled with a semi-inflated beach ball. It is not attached but I found a way to rig it in place without damaging the head. It was handmade using strips of fabric wrapped around a form I made. The globe is a plastic light cover lit up with lights powered from underneath.

Every one of these outfits is a big hit. I also have a Rocky I made out of foamboard and paper that can be attached to the base of my table.

Making the head of the Bullwinkle costume was not too difficult. It only took me one try. The main problem is the weight on the front of the head. So I am supporting most of the weight that is pulling down on my chin.

If I redo this Bullwinkle costume I would focus on supporting the weight differently.

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