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Cool Homemade Bug Costumes

Here is a one-nighter costume I made for a youth group camp I went to. The theme was ‘God’s Weird & Wonderful Creation’.

Materials: black smooth fabric, polyester wadding, acrylic paint and brushes, a black headband and black pipe cleaners.

It’s pretty much a flat quilt-like design with a fabric sash/bow to tie round the neck to keep it on.

It was really simple to make (the painting took the longest). The photo of it on isn’t that great so I included a picture of it on the floor.

It was worn with black clothes and shoes.

Total Spent: $20

Coolest Homemade Bug Costumes
Coolest Homemade Bug Costumes

Costume by Trina M., Duncan, OK

Coolest Homemade Bug Costumes

I made these cute little costumes by using a simple top and pants pattern. I then added wings and extra arms and legs to the body. I chose bright colors and added spots to the back. I took an old pattern and used the head off of that pattern to make the head but I added antennae. These costumes were a big hit. They also make great pictures.

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