Beauty and the Beast Group Costume

These 2015 staff theme costumes had to be kid appropriate since it is an elementary school.

Belle: This beautiful woman purchased her costume and embellished with tulle and jewels. She was the photo op of the day!

Beast: Beast’s head is a combination of homemade paper mache clay, Great Stuff spray insulation and a purchased paper mask for alignment of nose and eyes. The fur is recycled teddy bears from Goodwill. I think it turned out great and was light weight. His tuxedo is a men’s XL dress shirt cut and embellished with felt.

Lumiere: Poster board was used to create the top of head and tissue paper for flames. Yellow top, bottoms and socks.

Cogs worth: Cardboard box covered with fabric and embellished with foam numbers and details.

Mrs. Potts and Chip: Laundry baskets were cut down back and covered with T shirts and faces drawn on fabric. Styrofoam wreath cut in half was used for handle on chip. Chip has a fabric triangles used to trim base. Mrs. Potts painted sleeve gold.

Wardrobe: This was an actual wood box construction with doors, drawers and clothes!

Maurice: Well this guy just had to add the apron and tool and he was a natural!

Silly Girls: Aprons, dresses and beautiful smiles.

Chef: Apron, hat, spoon and mustache

Gaston: Muscles carved from 1″ upholstery foam. Panty hose were used to hold muscles in place. Red over sized t shirt, felt belt, running tights, boots and wig.


Beauty and the Beast Group Costume

Beauty and the Beast Group Costume

Beauty and the Beast Group Costume

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