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Awesome Homemade Star Wars Inspired Dog Costume

I came up with the idea for this costume during the halloween parade at tompkins square park a year ago. I decided to make my dog both the X-Wing and the pilot. I have recently gotten into 3D printing and design so this project would put my newly found skills to the test. The first step was to 3D scan my dog in order to modle a costum that fit to his body. After taking the 3D scan, I was able to design the costume in my prefered 3D modeling software, MOI.

Once the design was finished, I 3D printed the costume which turned out to be 16 parts. After designing the costume, the next step wqas to glue the pieces. After gluing, I painted with a combination of an airbrush, and normal painting to give it a distressed look.

Finally, for the platform, I bought a hand truck and 3D printed panels to make it look like the death star trench.


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