After focusing on crafting my kids Halloween costumes, I was pressed for time for my own.  I started Googling for ideas and decided to go with a less detailed costume with more detailed hair + makeup.  And so, I chose to be a Voodoo doll.

Oh my goodness EASIEST costume ever!!!  I used one of my husband’s linen button up shirts (sorry hunny).  I cut out the collar and sleeves.  The front became the back; and the back became the front.  I made a casing at the top and ran a ribbon through it.  Voila!  Pillow case dress out of a shirt.  Next, I used the sleeves to make the heart.  They were stuffed with cotton batten and made red with a felt pen.

To make the ‘pins’, I ventured to my craft pin and found foam balls (dollar store) and kabob sticks.  I painted the pins black with craft paint and painted ‘stitches’ on the dress.  Day of, I went to work on the makeup.  Way easier than it looks!  White and black eyeliners, red lipstick and fake eyelashes are pretty much the gist of it.  I also put some extra ‘pins’ in my hair for some added voodoo effect.

Total cost was zero dollars.  Can’t beat that!!