I started these the Maitlands’ from Beetlejuice homemade costume with a 2 inch thick sheet of Styrofoam insulation (8ft x 4ft). I was able to convince the guy at the home improvement store to cut the sheet into 8 square pieces. I then used liquid nails to glue 4 of the pieces together for each head.

I then went to work carving out the basic shape if the heads. I don’t have many tools but was able to do most of the rough carving with a drywall saw. Once the basic shape was there I used foam sandpaper blocks to add the fine details.

Once the heads were carved, the next step was drilling and scraping out the area for our heads. This was pretty painstaking due to my lack of tools, but with a little patience and finesse I was able to make it work.

The final step was painting with acrylics, attaching wigs and hair, and gluing on ping pong eyeballs that I found at a costume shop. I also had to drill holes in several of the balls for my husband to wear on his fingers. Then hit up the local thrift shop to find an appropriate dress and flannel shirt!

This was such a fun costume! People were taking pictures with us all night and busting a move on the dance floor in these things was hilarious! My husband’s sight was very limited, but he was a good sport about it. I think he enjoyed all the attention we got.