This Violet Beauregard Blueberry costume from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the talk of the town! Exercise ball, newspaper, flour and water coated 3 times, let it dry and coated it 2 more times. I duct taped where it tore. I cut a hole in the bottom so I could let the air out of the exercise ball and removed it.  Then cut it big enough on top for her head and holes on he side for her arms. I hand sewed batting for pillow stuffing over the outside, then sewed blue material over it. Cut a red belt so it would show on the front half and used red material ribbon for the back half and hand sew buttons.

I bought blue leggings and used blue eye shadow to cover her whole face. She felt like a celebrity stopping in the streets so people could get a photo of her and was featured on the Hawaii Morning news station on Halloween day!