We decide to dress up as Yip Yip Aliens from Sesame Street for Halloween this year.  If you don’t know who they are, then look up ‘yip yip Aliens’ on YouTube and prepare to laugh! We thought they would be good costumes cause they are good for any weather (particularly in Cold Canadian Halloween), and make people laugh!

To make them, we purchased: fleecy fabric that flows well and looks ‘muppet-ish’.  – enough that it could go over the head and cover the whole body and a hat.

For the eyes:
2x 6″ Styrofoam balls,
Panty hose (DO NOT get the reinforced toe kind),
Spraypaint – black for pupils and white, or yellow for eyes

For the mouth:
a coat hanger,
black fabric that could be seen through but not too easily – about 1 meter each.
foam tubes used for pipe insulation

Pipe cleaner and fluff balls for antennae
Thread and needle to sew
A permanent marker
A helper

For the body:

  1. First, sew the sides of the colored fabric together – with a bit more at the front than the back.
  2. Then, have someone stand inside.  Have them make a big “O” with their arms, and have the helper draw the “O” with marker on the inside of the fabric (so it doesn’t show).
  3. Then cut the hole out, and sew in the piece of see-through black fabric on the mouth hole.  (see picture#1)
  4. Put the coat hanger through the pipe insulation and then sew this to the top part of the mouth (on the inside of the costume).  This will hold the mouth more open, but is not totally necessary/ is optional.

For the eyes:

  1. Put the Styrofoam ball inside each foot of the pantyhose  (see picture #2)
  2. Leave a foot-1.5 feet of extra panty hose attached
  3. Spray paint the color of the eye, and dry.  Repeat until the eye is the desired color.
  4. Make a stencil of a circle and spray a black circle on the colored eye.  (see picture #3)
  5. Let dry
  6. Tie the panty hoses together  (see picture #4)

Putting it all together:

  1. Have someone stand inside the partly finished body, and locate where their head will be.
  2. Cut a small hole in the top of the costume and put the ‘tails’ of the eyes through the hole- these tails will be used as straps to hold the costume in place.  (see picture #5)
  3. Sew a hat in the same spot (making sure that the ‘tails’ can be used around the chin)   (see picture #6)
  4. Make pipe cleaner antennas and attach them to the base of the eyes.  (see picture #7)

VOILA!! Finished!! Now practice your yip yips and bring bring sounds!

My brother and I enjoyed ALL aspects of the making of the costume and wearing it. We wore it out trick-or-treating to a few houses and EVERYONE loved it, even asking to take our picture!

Then we went to a Halloween party and I stayed in the costume until the very end! No one knew who we were, and they JUST LOVED it!  People wanted their pictures with us, wanted to wear it when we took it off, and even took pictures when we didn’t even know.  We even played pool in our costume and won!  – see picture # 9 (perhaps they were just too distracted by the awesome costume)!

This has been one of the best costumes we’ve made and it was fun at every step!  Great times were had by ALL! It was by-far the best costume at the party and we even won BEST  COSTUME! Plus, this costume can be used year after year!