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Coolest Homemade Sesame Street Yip Yip Martian Costume

Surprisingly, this homemade Sesame Street Yip Yip martian costume was one of the fastest and easiest costumes I had to make. No sewing required, only a good bottle of fabric glue! Here’s what I did.

The majority of the costume is like making a “ghost” costume – it’s a drape of fabric over your head.

– Cut a hole out that is at least the size of your face. Use black material to cover this hole. This hole will act as the mouth.

– The eyes are just Styrofoam balls and glittery pipe cleaner wire.

– Overall, costs under $30 to make.

Warning 1: It gets very hot in this costume! Great if you live up North.

Warning 2: People will try to poke you in the face.

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7 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Sesame Street Yip Yip Martian Costume”

  1. I love your idea, but I have a few questions. What kind of fabric did you use and where did you get it from? Joann Fabrics? Michaels? Please help! Thank you!

  2. The fabric was from Jo-Ann’s. I don’t know what its called. Sometimes I see it called “monster fur”. It’s a very plushy, silky fur fabric. Not too pricy.

  3. What process works best to attach the eyes and antennae? I see that you’ve only listed fabric glue, but did the attachments stay on securely with this method?

  4. Regarding glueing the eyeballs, this was the hardest part. I think I used hot glue for this part, and it worked fairly well. You should use your hands to smush the glue into the pores of the styrofoam (once the glue is lukewarm, of course).

    This method held up well, and the eyeballs didn’t come off. But I’m not sure if they’d survive a hard blow like someone hitting them very hard. Another idea is to use thread to sew the balls on, but styrofoam is prone to tearing.

    If I had to do this costume over, I would use hard plastic balls instead, and burn holes through them to secure them to the fabric. They’re just harder to find.

  5. How did you make your tentacles? I see a lot of people just cutting strips of fabric but yours look more “authentic” in this picture. I love it!


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