Costume by TJ Johnson, Fresno, CA

I opened my mouth and decided to back up. The redneck clothes I oddly enough already had. The sheep is made completely of paper Mache, old black socks and approximately 600 cotton balls. Nobody beats Dollar Tree.

The eyes I took from a string of Halloween lights that I picked up at Wall Mart for another ridiculously low price. The sheep stays "up" by an elastic strap with a clip that goes over my shoulder and under the opposite arm. it also has two straps made of tape stuck to it that wraps around my belt.

This Redneck costume was just a funny idea but surprisingly easy to pull off. The entire project didn’t take more than three hours, not including paper Mache dry time. It got way to much attention and surprisingly despite multiple Halloween festivities the sheep made it home in one piece.

Total Spent: $20