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Coolest Pippi Longstockings Costume 9

Pippi Longstockings Costume

Pippi Longstockings Costume

I used the copper wire idea and it worked great for the hair of this Pippi Longstockings costume. A few bobby pins kept it in place on the top of her head. It was one long piece of wire that was bent to fit the shape of her head and slide into the braids to make them stand up.

I cut off the ends of the wire so the last little bit of hair is natural. The socks are from Claires and hot topic. So was the scarf. She had black boots. I would have added patches to the dress, but I didn't want to ruin the dress. I think she looked better in a pretty dress that was a little too small and the denim made it look casual enough.

The shirt was actually for a 3 year old, but it was the only red shirt we had and it looks good that it doesn't fit just right. She loved this costume and almost every adult knew who she was. One younger child asked if she was Wendy! That was funny! If you drop the socks and give her a big square hamburger, I guess that would work too!

Anyway, we used brown pencil eyeliner to make freckles. Very easy costume. Very fun! She put her hands on her hips and marched around.

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Doesn't have one
by: Anonymous

Interesting. I love the stocking and hair. I am also using some of those ideas.

wow costume
by: clea loves pippi

I love this costume. It is book week for our school and we have to dress up. I chose to be Pippi longstockings and I think I have made a great choice. Your costume has helped me a lot for my costume. thanks

pippi longstocking
by: salma soliman

I am a big fan of Pippi and its my school book week and I chose her costume

I need a easy costume for halloween
by: Annika cotner

I love your pippi costume! I wanted to be her for Halloween this year, so i looked online and this was the cutest costume by far.

pippi outfit
by: angel

I used 2 pairs leggings.Polka dotted and striped.Rolled them over each other.Red shirt over corduroy dress.Lots of hairspray & wire for hair.Eye liner for freckles.

thank you!
by: katie charpentier

everyone that has a costume that u have made or bought i really like. i am getting ideas from them for Halloween thank u very much!!!

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Coolest Pippi Longstocking Halloween Costume 11

by Melissa
(Sahuarita, AZ, USA)

Pippi Longstocking Halloween Costume

Pippi Longstocking Halloween Costume

I told my daughter that it would be cool for her to be Pippi Longstocking for Halloween last year. She had no idea who that was. So I found a book and this web page, and she looked through both. She didn't decide on a Pippi Longstocking Halloween costume untill this year, 2008.

I bought the Orange coloring for her hair. I then bought the orange dress at a second hand store. We then sewed the two square patches on the front of the dress. I told her to put on a white shirt underneath the dress. The dress was to long so I shortened it. And she got two different pairs of socks. The shoes, we were lucky and she had them in her closet, that she had not worn in a long time.

And in her hair I just took a clothes hanger and bent it to form around her head. Then I braided her hair with the wire. I sprayed her hair with hair spray. I then gave her freckles around her nose with eyeliner.

The older people told her they loved her costume, because it was something she had to think of and not just try to be something dead or bloody. Or even scary. They LOVED it. I think she looks just like a Pippi Longstocking.

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really pippi
by: Anonymous

What makes it look so great is that she looks like she has Pippi's spunk!
Thanks for the great idea!

by: Sophie

that is the best costume I have ever seen!!( of pippi longstocking)
graet job

by: Anonymous

ur pippi saved me for book week i couldnt figure out how to do her hair thats alot it was killing me lol.

great costume
by: Anonymous

I am doing pipi longstocking for our blockbuster theme of movies this halloween. thanks for the tips. Custom excellent. she does look like pipi longstocking. thanks,Redwood city, CA

by: Longstrump IL

Enginous, and genius !!!!

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Coolest Pippi Longstockings Halloween Costume 13

Homemade Pippi Longstockings Halloween Costume

Homemade Pippi Longstockings Halloween Costume

This year my daughter decided that she wanted to be Pippi Longstockings for Halloween. I thought that it would be a great idea and that it would be lots of fun. So we started planning for the Halloween costume.

1st - We went to Goodwill to see if we could find a blue jean jumper like Pippi wore. When we were there, we also found a stuffed monkey that would work perfectly on my daughters shoulder.

2nd - I found some bright felt at home to put on the dress. I cut the felt into squares and pinned them on to make look like patches.
I also pinned the monkey on the blue jean dress also.

3rd - We finally get to the Pippi hair. I took a hanger and molded it to Pippi's head. We then put a fake braided orange head piece over the hanger. I then braided the fake headpiece, the hanger, and my daughters hair. After we braided the three together, we twisted the hanger to look like it was pointed straight out. Then we sprayed the hair with orange hairspray.

4th - We took a brown marker and dotted my daughters face to look like freckles.

5th - You will also need a red long sleeved shirt, long striped socks and black boots.

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by: Anonymous

Love your ideas!!
My daughter wants to be Pippi this year and had not a clue on where to start making the costume. Your daughter looks great!

Luv dis
by: Tween girl

Omg!!! I luv dis!!! I'm gonna be Pippi for Halloween and this is perfect thx

by: nicole

your costume just looks great i am going to be pippy this year

Great idea!
by: Anonymous

Was thinking of going as Pippi this year, I have the hair for it and this looks great!

by: TwinkleKakes

I am gonna b Pippi for HaLlOwEeN dis year and had NO IDEA wat in the world to wear..... ThAnK yOu!!!!

by: Anonymous

She looks adorable.

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