We were going to Disneyland for Halloween night and we wanted to make his stroller into something so we decided on the Nightmare Before Christmas and his stroller would soon be transformed into the Mayers car complete with flashing lights, interior exterior lights,”zero” the dog floating along the car, lit up a speaker coming out the top and my son’s name Kingston on the front plate.

I used cardboard and cut out squares to make the car shape then I added curtains with lights. I made the dog with wire Christmas lights. I put Jack faces in the headlights with lights inside them. I also made a trunk. I just cut a hole in the back so I could still store things under the seat.

I then moved on to my husband and son’s costumes. I got suits for them and painted white lines on them. I used felt and wire to make the bat “bowties”. I got a bunch of  fabric at my local thrift store, then cut out shapes and sewed them to an old dress. I had to get the right shape cuz I’m no good at sewing clothing. I then moved onto my husbands “Jack head”. I used a balloon  blown up then mixed flour and water till I got a good mixture then cut up newspaper then paper mached my toosh  off.

Let that dry then painted on my face, cut the eyes out. I bunched up fabric and glued it on the back of my dress for a mini poofy train to match Jack’s coat tail. All came together in the end and as soon as we walked into Disney we were bombarded with pictures. It was an amazing experience as this is our last year as a family of three. Our family is growing and so is our first born to watch the lights of the cameras and Disney bounce of his amazing brown eyes made every stressful night working on these costumes worth it. My favorite part was watching my son see the world as magical and wonderful. I’m already excited to start our next costume for next year. Thank you for listening to my story, happy Halloween!