So, I have always LOVED Kitana! I never even thought of dressing up as her for Halloween since I have struggled with weight loss since I had my daughter back in 2006. Finally, I managed to shed 40lbs and bam! This idea popped up into my head! It was perfect timing too since i wanted to wear it to Escape From Wonderland! I big Halloween party!!! I started by google-ing, of course, where to purchase it. Once I saw it was for sale I realized that I didn’t want to wear the same one as every other girl out there. So I decided to make my own and from an older version, my fav version Mortal Kombat 3! I knew for sure any other girl would definitely not be wearing the same as me! With a little help from Youtube I was on my way to making my very own first costume!

The first thing I did was go buy all my fabrics and things I needed. Such as sewing needles, string, scissors, measuring tape, elastic bands, ribbon, velcro, etc. Then I came home and took all my measurements. I marked the fabric and cut away! I cut out the body bathing suit piece, leggings, face mask & arm bands. A good friend of mine was nice enough to sew all the pieces for me on her sewing machine. After a few alterations, it was finally finished! All in all I think I would have to say it was made in about 3 weeks.

Ohhhh & also i made the fans for it as well. Those I bought at the 99cent store. Just regular Chinese wooden lil fans. I bought silver paint and i cut small rectangular pieces out of construction paper. I then folded them over following the shape of each rectangular tip of each fan and once the glue dried I cut the triangular tips on every single one to make them look sharp!! Like knives. So ya, there is my story. This was my best Halloween Costume ever! I got SO many compliments, I was unique & very happy with the outcome of it! Took a lot of pics with friends and random strangers who loved my costume. While at the Halloween party I ran into another Kitana from the very first Mortal Kombat & I got a pic with her and a group pic with some other MK Characters we ran into as well that I have posted up!!!

Did I forget to mention I am a dj?? My husband & I dj together as a duo and we wore our costumes to a Halloween party we were dj-ing at and everybody LOVED it!!! Definitely made one great memorable impression!! Pics of that are up as well!

Definitely inspired to make another. Thinking about being Sgt. Calhoun from Wreck It Ralph. I haven’t found a costume for it yet online. Maybe that will be my next project? We shall see!! Best of luck to everyone! May the best costume win! ;)