While watching “South Park”, there was an episode called “Halloween 2008”, during the show Satan was featured to host a sweet 16 Halloween party.  I figured if I could pull off a funny South Park Satan Halloween costume, it would be like a double costume.

First, I had to put together the Satan costume.  For that I created a muscle top shirt, a pair of red tights, and black furry material for Satan’s legs.  The rest was completed with a bald cap, Devil horns painted cartoon yellow, black mustache and goatee, and red make-up.

Second, the school girl costume.  I used white button shirt tied together Britney Spears like, plaid material to make the skirt and used knee high socks and painted sandals for shoes.  Final touch was a Swiss Miss blond wig.

My biggest surprise wearing this costume was how many people never saw the episode, they thought I was Britney Spears on Crack.