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Cool No-Cost AWESOME-O Costume

I spent $0 on this AWESOME-O costume. NO MONEY USED. :)

My boyfriend couldn’t think of a costume idea so I suggested a character from South Park since he is a HUGE fan. I only had a day to make the costume and figured out I could use things around the house to make it as close to the character as possible.

With only a picture of the character, I began constructing the items on the front of the box.

Step One: I used a large box for the torso and a medium box for the head. I cut holes in the medium box for the eyes, mouth, and head. Then I took the large box and cut holes for the arms and the head. I used a box cutter to cut the holes out and sketched the holes with a pencil.

Step Two: Next, I took an old black chiffon skirt and cut it up to place behind the eye holes and the mouth opening. This provided the look I needed for the black eyes and mouth as displayed on the cartoon character. The material allowed the costume wearer to see everything from behind the eyes.

Step Three: I used a piece of silver glittered foam paper I had left over from a project and drew the mouth grill with a sharpie. Then I cut out the sketch and glued it over the mouth opening with super glue.

Step Four: I printed the word “A.W.E.S.O.M.-O” on a sheet of paper, cut the letters out and pasted them onto the box (in the same fashion they are arranged on the cartoon character).

Step Five: I had a small stack of card stock in random colors so I used that to construct the items on the front of the box. For the can opener, I cut out a few pieces of the silver foam paper and used the back of it (the non-glitter side) to use for the metal part of the can opener. For the black handles of the can opener, I used the black plastic insert from a fabric shopping bag. This gave it a little texture. I drew the details on with a Sharpie. I glued all of the pieces of the can opener together onto a piece of cardboard (for stability) and pasted it on the box. I then added a strip of aluminum foil across the can opener to resemble the metal strip on the cartoon box Eric Cartman made in the episode. I did something similar to the other items under the “A.W.E.S.O.M.-O” label. I propped every item up with a piece of cardboard to give it a pop out effect and stability. All of the items were made with card stock, aluminum foil, the black plastic insert, and glue.

Step Six: For the antenna box, I took a random cardboard container and wrapped it in aluminum foil. I unraveled a metal hanger and put a few bends in it. I then stuck the hanger in the box and glued it down. I glued the entire thing to the top left portion of the head. I made the other items on the head with cardboard, aluminum foil, and card stock.

Step Seven: For the black cord on the side, I would have loved to use a telephone cord. However, I did not have a telephone cord lying around, especially since I do not have a landline. Instead, I used wired black ribbon and twisted it a few times and curled it a few times. It came out looking just like a curly telephone wire!

All in all this costume took me several hours. I sat in the same spot making it until it was finished. My boyfriend was blown away when he saw it.

We went to two different Halloween parties and everyone loved his costume. They commented on the details of the costume. A lot of people who are fans of South Park commented on the exact resemblance to the actual character. I tried to get it as close as possible. My boyfriend was able to move around in the costume comfortably and was able to drink when he needed to. He also made it to the Top 5 in a local costume contest out of 25 contestants. The competition was great! Everyone wanted a picture with AWESOM-O. My boyfriend did a great job playing the character as well! “Lame.”

Cool No-Cost AWESOME-O Costume

Cool No-Cost AWESOME-O Costume

Cool No-Cost AWESOME-O Costume

Cool No-Cost AWESOME-O Costume

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