The idea for this detailed Janice the Muppet costume (Guitarist for Electric Mayhem) started when SNL aired an episode hosted by Seth Rogen in 2007 with a Muppets skit. In the skit, Seth played Rowlf, and Maya Rudolph played Janice, among others…

I immediately thought how much I love Janice’s personality, and how cool it would be to bring her to life! I always go for obscure costumes so that I am not standing around at a party staring at 3 other versions of my idea.

You can’t see in the pictures, but for the bottom I wore red patent leather pumps, black leggings, and an acid washed denim mini skirt. The black top was easy and basic, and so was finding fun tacky plastic jewelry. The keys to the costume were the hair, the hat, the lips and eyes, and the guitar.

The hat was a stroke of luck: my step-mother just so happened to have kept her collection of “Blossom” (remember the TV show?) hats, so I borrowed that from her.

For the hair, myself and my two best friends sat one night over several bottles of wine and cut individual strands of yellow yarn all the same length (bless them) and and glued them onto a head band – one of the cotton ones that is about 2 inches wide and is an elastic circle. It didn’t matter how crazy the hot glue and circumference of hair looked on the band because it was going to be under the hat, so it was really more tedious than anything.

To get my mouth to look like that, I bought the brightest red lipstick I could find, and drew/painted them on. I didn’t want to use face paint because I hate how it cracks and dries. It was a challenge to keep red lipstick off everything and everyone all night, but worth it! For my eyes, I did heavy makeup on the lids, and purchase the largest, longest and darkest fake eyelashes I could find.

The guitar was a miracle to get my hands on! I was at a carnival and walked past one of the trucks that sell inflatable toys for kids, snow cones, cotton candy, and other miscellaneous crap. A snow cone and $4 later, I had a sweet inflatable guitar.

And that is where Janice came from. Enjoy! I know I did!