This Is Halloween 2009’s costume. I watched Wall-e 3 weeks before Halloween and it instantly made me decide that this needed to be my costume. I started by getting a large cardboard box for the body, and buying about 3 sheets of foam core for the head, arms, wheels, and panels. Using paint I had left over from my Transformers costumes, I was able to save some $.

I went to an electronics store and bought some LED lights, a battery pack, AAA batteries, a soldering iron, some thin solder, and some resisters to complete a circuit. This was the first time I had ever wired, soldered or done anything of this nature, and it worked perfectly! I wrapped everything in electrical tape just to be safe. I then went to the hardware store and bought some small plumbing pieces to add, just to give it some texture. Hot glue held everything together, and I cut out a panel to flip down, just like the movie!

This costume won me $250.

The total cost of this costume was $150.