For this Thomas the Train Halloween costume I used:

1 diaper box
2 cans of Primer spray paint
1 can of Blue Spray Paint
1 can of Red spray paint
1 can of Black spray paint
1 paper towel roll
1 empty Yoplait yogurt cup
4 yogurt cup tops
1 empty baby cereal box
2 containers of model magic
And a lot of hot glue!

First I started off with a diaper box and opened up both the bottom and the top. For the top of the train I measured and cut down on both sides to the fold in the original box. I took the 2 front parts and folded them down and ducted taped them together on the under side of the train top. I then duct taped the 3 back flaps to stand up.

For the bottom I used a bowl to trace for the wheels and measured them for the opposite side. Cut out the wheels and duct taped all 4 flaps together.

I then had my husband primer and paint the entire train blue. I also had him primer and paint the red side panels, paper towel roll, yogurt cup and 4 lids.

After the train dried over night I took acrylic paint and added the details so it became a more familiar train, Thomas! Hot glued on the red side panels, yogurt cup, paper towel roll and yogurt lids.

I then took the model magic sculpting foam and molded Thomas’s face. After drying 24 hours (per direction on container) I then painted his face gray and added googly eyes. After drying I hot glued his face onto the cereal box.