I created this Rogue from the Xmen Costume almost entirely from scratch.

I purchased a sewing machine just for the occasion and the 2 colors of spandex at a local fabric store in Boston. I made the body suit, added a zipper at the back so that I could get in and out of the suit, made the gloves, and also made the covers over my boots. I used a pair of boots I owned to get the correct shape I was looking for. From there, I took measurements and made sewing adjustments as required to get the boot covers to look like actual boots and not just boot covers. I added some thick felt to the top to acquire the accurate shape of the boot and attached the ties around the knee last.

I purchased an imitation suede jacket at a local used clothing store and used fabric dye to color it hunter green as Rogue wears it in the cartoon series. I bought a thick felt to create the patches and belt buckle and used fabric glue and hand stitching to attach them.

I made sure the costume was as accurate as possible so the patches, black lines, and collar match the cartoon figure exactly. I found the thick brown belt at a local store and used the felt and glue to create the buckle. I used ribbon for the black lines on the chest, the wraps around the knees, and the head band. I crimped my hair and used white hair spray to make my hair match Rogue’s.

I think it came out pretty accurate, and I couldn’t believe how well I sewed the costume together considering I’ve never sewed any clothing from scratch before.