I live by the motto “it’s better to DIY.” So, naturally, I wanted to be something somewhat original this Halloween. The whole process of making this Homemade Peacock Costume (from planning and shopping, to actually constructing the costume) took about two weeks.

My first mission was to find a royal blue dress, and not to my surprise, I found one at Deb for a decent price. The dress originally had a gaudy “bling” piece in the center of my chest, so I glued a feather arrangement bought from a craft store directly to the bling.

To make the head piece, I used a 1” thick headband from the Dollar store. I cut a small Styrofoam ball in half and painted it brown, and glued it to the middle of the headband. Into the Styrofoam I placed a teal feather arrangement, as well as a few peacock feather eyes.

For the tail, I cut a fan shape from a piece of cardboard that was small enough to fit at my lower back without sticking out. I arranged the feathers one row at a time, and hot glued them to the cardboard. I cut quite a few of the feathers so they’d lay flat on the cardboard without overlapping each other, for the most part.

Once I had the back of the tail feathers glued on, I flipped it over and did three rows of feathers on the opposite side of the cardboard- that way I’d have feather eyes if someone looked at me from the front OR the back. I then covered the fan shape with the feathers glued to it with a royal blue fabric, and glued it directly to the fan. I folded the material like a present, and glued it together on the side that would be against my back. I attached it with a blue belt, and VOILA!

I also wore brown tights and brown boots- couldn’t wear heels because it was snowing! Oh yeah- my boyfriend dressed as a hunter.