This was probably going to be the last Halloween that my cousin/best friend and I were going to be able to hang out on Halloween and I wanted us to be the Mario Brothers for Halloween since we are like brothers.

I started working on the Mario and Luigi Halloween costumes three months prior to the Halloween party. It was relatively simple to get the costumes to look good once I got everything together. The hats are “newsboys hats” from and I went to the Michael’s craft store and bought adhesive felt and a fabric “M” and fabric “L”.

I used the extra stick on felt to make the yellow buttons for the overalls. I bought the green and red shirts on as well. The gloves were easy to find at a military surplus store and the overalls were an easy buy at the local Wal-mart store.

The simplest part of the costume to find was the fake mustaches which I managed to buy at the costume shop. We had an awesome time at the Halloween party and got a ton of compliments on the costumes. Before the party we had to go to Wal-mart to pick up some last minute party supplies and I thought it would be funny for both of us to go into the store. Everyone kept asking where we bought them and we let them know that I put them together.

There were so many people coming up to us and wanted to get pictures with us on their cell phones and little kids were just like “HEY MARIO!!! HEY LUIGI!!!!”. It was awesome and a great feeling that we made so many people smile and that the costumes were so easily recognizable.