For Muno I bought a red hooded sweat-suit at Academy. They were so cheap I was able to buy an extra pair of pants that I cut numerous circles out of. I hot glued the circles over the whole costume stuffed with pillow stuffing. I made the eye and the mouth out felt. I hot glued them to the hood, stuffing the eye and teeth with pillow stuffing.

For Toodee I hot glued a pillow case dress out of blue felt. To get the tail to stand up I put a metal hanger between the felt sheets, stuffed it with pillow stuffing and hot glued. The previously stuffed triangles were glued into the seam. The headpiece was a headband with stuffed felt pieces also.

Foopa was the most challenging to do. I already had pink tights and the pink baby hat. I hot glued a felt flower to the hat. I bought the pink onesie two sizes larger than what she wore. I cut the flower for the neck out of felt. I had to do this numerous times to get the petals the right size. The felt wouldn’t stretch so I was unable to get the first one over her head. I ended up having to cut the neck out the onesie and fold the felt over the edges to hot glue. She wore a onesie under the larger onesie and I stuffed pillow stuffing between the two. The elastic from the outside onesie held the stuffing in.

I cheated and bought DJ Lance on eBay.

We had to have the Boom-Box as part of the costume so I used silver spray paint to paint a large shirt box. I used silver electrical tape, stuck back to back, to be able to carry it. Cut the shapes for the front out of colored cardstock, glued and cut a hole in the top to put the candy in.

We were ready for Trick-or-Treating!