I asked my son what he wanted to be for Halloween. His response was Tow Mater from Cars the Movie. I had went out and looked at costumes for him. Everything in the stores looked nothing like Tow Mater or even a vehicle. I had my mind set on making his costume for him. I grabbed his little toy Mater and three cardboard boxes and got to work!

The bed of the truck is one box. The cab is another box glued to the first. The tires, cab lights, side mirrors and wench system is made from the third box. The light on top is a Styrofoam cup painted yellow and a paper towel roll helps support the tow rope. I absolutely loved making this costume. I loved the putting everything together but most of all I loved the painting!

This was the first time making anything on this scale and was thrilled with the results!  The reaction we got when people would see it for the first time was awesome!  Both kids and adults loved looking at it and couldn’t get over that it was homemade. I heard from more than one person that it looked so real that it look like it was getting ready to talk to them. My son won first place in two Halloween costume contest! I would have put him in more but there is never to much going on around this town.