I thought of dressing my son, Robbie, as a strong man for Halloween shortly after he was born. However, I knew I had to wait patiently for him to be able to walk. I knew the costume would not be as cute as possible unless he was walking and able to take direction to hold the weights.

I had the entire homemade strongman costume laid out in my head from the time he was about two months old. Once I finally started making the costume, the hardest part was finding a leotard that was leopard print, small enough, and wasn’t shiny. Everything else came together pretty easily.

I made the belt from thick elastic and made the buckle from foam. the rest of his outfit was completed with black high top Chuck Taylors, gel for his part, and waterproof liquid eye liner for his rad handlebar mustache! The weights were made with a dowel rod and foam balls, all spray painted black.