This is a Homemade Skull Kid in Majora’s Mask from Zelda Costume. It is a character in my favorite video game, Zelda. The costume is all made by myself, my mom and my dad. We only purchased a few items such as felt and most items were re purposed or recycled from around our house. The total cost was under $30.

We bought orange and green felt to sew the tunic, collar, shorts, fingerless gloves, hat and boots. Under the shorts is a pair of my mom’s brown cable-knit tights. Under the tunic is a cable-knit cotton pull-over. The wood rings around the hat, waist and on the boots came from a women’s belt from Target. The boots are made of felt but glued around the bottom to my pair of tennis shoes (this way no felt would be on the bottom of my shoe to make it slippery).

The mask is particularly awesome. We used a valentine’s heart shaped Mylar balloon as a base. Then put a few layers of paper mache. The spikes were built from food boxes and then paper mached down to the mask. The paint on the mask was left over from painting a room in our house. We used elastic around the back to hold it on.

The hat has a large shredded brim and it was hard to figure out how to get it to stand out around the edges like the character. We used some floral wire covered by more felt. Then used some Velcro to make sure the hat stayed secure on my head and attached to the back of the mask. I’m excited to wear it this year for Halloween and maybe later to any conventions. In between times, I’m going to hang the mask and hat on my bedroom wall for decoration.