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Coolest Majora’s Mask from Legend of Zelda Costume

My 7 year old loves to watch YouTube videos of all sorts of video games. This year he has been watching walk through videos on YouTube of an old Nintendo 64 game called “The Legend of Zelda – Majora’s Mask”. He asked me to make him a Skull Kid wearing Majora’s Mask costume for Halloween this year. I can’t turn down a challenge so I went for it and made him a Homemade Majora’s Mask from Legend of Zelda Costume.

I started by making the mask out of paper mache. I used a heart shaped balloon and taped cardboard cones to it for the spikes. I covered the whole thing with 4 layers of newspaper and glue. Then I drew out the design and painted it using acrylic paints. It turned out better than I ever imagined.

To make the orange halo surrounding the mask I stitched up some simple triangular sort of shapes, starched them with homemade liquid starch, and used aluminum wire to make them stand up the way I wanted them to. I glued the wire inside the fabric and then glued them onto a simple hood. I then glued the hood and halo pieces onto the mask with a hot glue gun.

The next step was to make the costume. I am not talented with a sewing machine by any means so I used one of his baggy shirts as a pattern for the shirt, stitched up the side seams and cut out some jagged shapes at the bottom. Then I used a green cloth to add the jagged collar. It is not beautifully sewn but Skull Kid is a ragged sort of character so it actually works better to have it a bit messy.

The shorts were a thrift store find that I cut jagged edges on. I looked and looked for green gloves to match his outfit and couldn’t find them. I finally decided to just sew them up using his own gloves as a pattern. Since they were ragged frayed gloves it was fine that my sewing wasn’t perfect.

For the boots I used last years snow boots, traced a pattern, stitched them up, and hot glued them to the boots so they wouldn’t fall of when he runs around. The belt and boot decorations are shower curtain rings held together with yarn.

In the end it came out just like he wanted! He loves it and a happy kid is a happy mom!!!

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