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Coolest Homemade Mudkip Costume 22

by Fernanda M
(Linden, NJ)

Homemade Mudkip Costume

Homemade Mudkip Costume

Homemade Mudkip Costume
Homemade Mudkip Costume

This is my story: I've been making costumes for my oldest son since he was 2 months old. Every year since he was 4 he has been coming up with some pretty unique and challenging costumes for me to make. First he tells me what he wants to be and then the country wide search for the perfect fabric comes next. This year he decided he wanted a Homemade Mudkip Costume which is a Pokemon.

First we went to the fabric store to find a pattern. Of course they don't sell Mudkip patterns so we had to look for the perfect match which, in this case, turned out to be a frog pattern that I had to alter. After finding the right pattern I looked for the perfect fabric, the one that that will best match the actual character and will be warm enough for a cold Halloween day. I had to make sure that I purchased extra fabric because I would have to create a head for Mudkip using a frog pattern and a picture that my son has provided me. I also do web searches of the cartoon which have help with getting the exact look together. This entire look came together with fleece fabric, stuffing for the head, ears etc., and Velcro for the back closure. The body only took a few hours to make but the head was a little more challenging. The head took a few days or so with alterations and adjustments.

Brief breakdown:
1. Purchase pattern of a frog or animal with same body shape
2. Buy fleece fabric for the right body size
3. Purchase extra fleece for the head, ears, tail etc. Any animal had can be altered. As I mentioned I used a frog.
4. Purchase stuffing for the head etc.
5. Purchase Velcro for the back closure


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Cool Costume
by: Nicole M.

Very cool costume!! Looks exactly like the character! Great Job Fernanda!!

mudkip costume
by: lidy

Love the costume. Job well done, like always.

Great Costume!
by: Jose M.

Great Costume! Takes real talent to make something so unique!

Cool Mudkip
by: Zoey M.

Super cool costume Tia Nanda!! You're the best!

by: Natalie Gill

You are too talented!! I can't sow a button!

The BEST costume!
by: Susan Wilson

You make the best costumes! You are extremely talented. This is ONE of my many favorites. :)

by: Valter

LoveĀ“n it ...

Mudkip Costume

You always do such a great job with all your costumes! Love them all! Can't wait to see the next one. I definitely agree with everyone are very talented. Vivian

by: Anonymous

This is an amazing costume!

this is soooooooo nice very Talented you are
by: Almerinda dopaco

Nanda you are so talented why are you not doing these for sale.

as everyone say's you do wonderfull thigs and come up with very talented staf.LOL your cousins from Canada

beautiful costume
by: connie rod

As usual Nanda you amaze me with your talent.

by: Anonymous

This is a MARVELOUS costume! You are really skilled at this!

Cool costume
by: Hector

That's an awesome pokemon costume.


nice costume, nice job, i want to wear it. That is Mudkip.

love it!
by: pachu

you are amazing! i love it, *gives llama*

soooooo heres a question..
by: yazzy

how much did it cost to make?

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