Our homemade killer hair stylist and victim couple Halloween costume idea was made up of mostly items around my house (I’m a hair stylist) however u don’t have to be one for these items to be just around your house! You just need a pair of scissors, any kind will work, a headband, putty, t-shirts and puff paint or fabric paint, curling iron, blow dryer, or straightener (that’s broken or u don’t use), blood and faux skin or liquid latex.

First we made our t-shirts at my friends graphic shop (girl in picture) but you can create it with puff paints or fabric paint. While they were drying we cut cord to curling iron. Cord went around one neck, iron on others belt.

Then we made headband. Take play dough or silly putty that’s neutral color or cover it with cover up then blood and super glue it to head band. Then stick a pair of scissors in it (lightest weight you have) tip: make sure putty is a high enough mound to stick in scissors far enough without piercing head band then just cover with blood and fake skin to make it look like brain or wound. Get headband to stay on hair tight by sticking bobby pins around it (tip: a headband with hold in it works best to put bobby pins through and pull hair through to blend).

Tease hair and stick combs in it or clips on victim and do whatever to the stylists hair and stick a finger hair in hair above scratches.

Complete costumes by making fake scratches across eye and/or wherever else and wound across neck right above loose cord. Looks good to make cuts and blood on t-shirts too. To learn how to make scratches and wounds youtube works wonders!

Any questions please ask! Super cheap and easy. Takes about an hour.