My grandson, who is almost 4, is obsessed with John Deere Tractors. So naturally, when it came time to get a costume for Halloween, he automatically said he wanted a Homemade Big Green Tractor Costume. So this is what I came up with.

I used two card board boxes, some spray paint, tape and glue and a little imagination I painted the boxes green.

I then put them together with some glue and tape. One was for the back and the other was for the front end. I cut circles from another card board box for the wheels, painted them black. I used yellow construction paper for the center of the wheels and smaller black circles for the lug nuts. I also made a slow moving sign with red construction paper to go on the back. I used tap lights from the dollar tree for head lights. Some red flashing lights I got at a yard sale for the tail lights. I used the star foam strips that came around my computer to put inside the back box for a brace to make it sturdier.

I cut out a small square piece of card board and painted it black and used it on the front for the air filter. I used a paper towel roll for the smoke stack; I cut out a hole under the smoke stack and secured a small star foam cooler under the front end to catch the candy when it came down the smoke stack. I cut yellow pieces of construction paper to make the pin stripes on the sides. Then, I added some John Deere stickers I got at the TSC store.

I used a steering wheel that came off another old toy. I used two black cloth belts I purchased at
the Dollar tree for the straps to go over his shoulders to hold it up when he walked. He
ended up not using the stripes. Instead, he just picked it up and carried it. To top it off, he wore his John Deere cap with his yellow John Deere t-shirt over a long sleeve green shirt.

This Homemade Big Green Tractor Costume was certainly a big hit. He won most original costume at the Relay for Life costume contest.