My video-game loving kids wanted to be Zelda and Link for Halloween, what a challenge!

Zelda’s dress was an actual dress pattern, and by far the easiest part of all of this (although the pattern itself was rather complicated!).

For Link, I found the instructions online, but had to make all my own patterns (I did not make the turtleneck or the tights); the shield was the hardest part of this costume. I had only small pics to work with, and spent a great deal of time looking at the pic, then drawing the shapes and designs for the shield, then refining, etc. Then I cut out what I’d drawn on paper and used that as a pattern piece to cut out the actual shapes from craft foam. Only the red and yellow parts were pre-colored; the blue and silver, purple and gold I had to paint once I got them cut, then assemble everything.

Overall, the shield took about 4 hours start to finish, about 6 for all of the princess items. I used the same process for Zelda’s parts and pieces, but the Zelda pic wasn’t as clear and I had to wing it with the design of most of it. I did have to make my own patterns for the purple vest part and the gold shoulder and arm pieces, and even her gauntlets. The blue crystal hanging down at the bottom was a clear part of a Christmas ornament that I coated with a faux stained-glass product.

The earrings I found at Goodwill and the crystal was clear so I used the paint on them too. The ocarina we actually got at the Renaissance Festival last summer; it was the perfect touch!

The kids love their costumes, and plan on wearing them quite often, as they love to role-play!