I was inspired to make this costume ever since Halo the video game came out that had a great twist of Sci-fi action. As soon as I saw the big green man, Masterchief, I fell in love of his armor and decided to make one myself. In the process, I reference the pictures of the armor and handmade from the head to toe using cardboard. Over the years I add foam and sheets of plastic found in binders in order to improve durability and flexibility. The only thing that was blueprinted from the internet was my helmet which required a high level of geometry and it was impossible to get it symmetrical if I was to do it by pictures. So I use a pepakura file to make my helmet which was the hardest part of my costume because pepakura requires a lot of time matching the pieces together and it was like a big puzzle. The best part I made was the chest piece because over the years, I never had to replace it with a newer model but only modifying it to make it look  the part according to the games since its not just the 1st Halo but there is 2, 3, and 4 now. I am very happy of what I created and I inspired so many others to create thier own. I made this to show it off and to promote that art in this time is not dead yet and it will continue to grow. Building this has help me learn how to properly paint my car and do home improvement. It also had help me to think fast and improvise to fix things in a short amount of time. Now my costume is complete there won’t be any pieces falling off or breaking anymore because I have remove all the weaknesses of design from costume by replacing them with foam.