I love mini-golf and when I was playing this summer with friends, I thought it would make a pretty cool costume. The windmill is made from cardboard, glued and tied together in an A-frame. It was lightweight so I could lift it up to walk in. I covered it in purple felt and cut a hole to see from. The windmill blades are made from plastic garden decorations glued to felt-covered yard sticks, which are secured to a Lazy Susan. The whole thing was glued to the body, and it actually spun around!

The green putting grass is attached with Velcro. The back piece dragged behind me, like a wedding dress train. I had a putter and colored golf balls so folks could actually play right through the costume. It was a ton of fun to make — pretty easy, too. The challenge was walking — I really could only move forward or do really wide turns. But, I carried candy with me, so when someone stopped and asked to play they got a prize for a hole in one. Too fun!