Kristoff’s costume was made with clearance remnants of upholstery fabric, along with fur trim. Elsa’s was made with the deconstruction of my prom dress that I’d designed and had made 11 years ago, as well as some sparkly sheer fabric, lace, and silver trim. The wig was crocheted. Anna was made with remnants from an 80’s prom dress from the SPCA, some black knit fabric and fabric paint, fleece, and trim. The hat/wig were crocheted. Olaf is completely crocheted.

We’ve already attended several festivals and could never have anticipated the kind of reaction we would get. I feel like we should work at Disney. So many children came up asking for photos and were so sure we were in fact the real Anna and Kristoff.

I can’t begin to describe how happy it made us to see all the joy our family brought to so many children and adults alike. It is definitely an experience we will never forget and makes all of the time and effort making these costumes so absolutely worth it!