This year my 4 year old son Julian said he wanted to be Bowser (King Koopa) for Halloween. I looked for it everywhere online… but, couldn’t seem to find this costume anywhere. So I decided that it was up to me to make it. The costume is made up of a lot of felt, batting, sewing and hot glue.

I started off by making the shell first. I took one of his old back packs and stuffed my old pillow inside of it. then I secured felt around it using duct tape. once I had the shape that I wanted I went ahead and filled it with batting and then hot glued everything into place. I then added the white trim using the same technique. And used a birthday party cone hat as stencil to cut out the spikes to add to the shell.

i made the head by taking one of his old baseball hats and covered it it felt and stuffed the mouth and horns with batting. I looked at many pictures online to make sure that I got the characters facial expression down. The lower jaw was a bit tricky… I wanted my son to be able to remove this part because I wanted him to be able to see and to be comfortable while trick or treating. so I took another baseball hat and cut of the bill I form felt around it and stuffed it with batting. Then I used Velcro to attach it to the head so that he can take it on and off whenever he wanted.

I looked everywhere for yellow sweats but couldn’t find any… so I ended up having to sew a little PJ type of onesie then sewed and attached a tail to it. And stuffed and glued the belly to it.

I then finished by adding a spiked collar and spiked bracelets (made from ribbon & felt).

The costume was a huge hit on halloween… all the kids were amazed by it and all the older gamers and Mario fans loved it. It was truly a labor of love. My son loves his bowser costume.