Train child costume by Kris M., Galesburg, MI

My 5-year-old boy loves everything trains, and asked if he could be a railroad crossing sign for Halloween. I was up to the challenge!

I made the headpiece out of white 1/4" foam board, and letters from an office supply store. The "crossing" was then glued to a black baseball cap.

The sweatshirt with "Stop on red signal" was made from an actual picture of a railroad crossing near our home, I cropped out that part of it and printed it on printable fabric and applied it to the sweatshirt.

The "gate" was made from white foam board; the red stripes are actually red duct tape. It velcroed to his sweatshirt arm and so he could make it go up and down.

The red "lights" are blinking reflective safety lights, the battery operated type you would use for jogging at night. The black circles the lights are on are foam core, with flexible foam "shades" that go over top of the lights. These black circles also velcroed to the sweatshirt.

Here’s the really fun part: Under his sweatshirt he wore a micro cassette player that clipped on his waistband. The cassette player played the ding-dinging noise of an actual railroad crossing. He just flipped the tape over when it reached the end, every half an hour or so, so the dinging continued.

These are the types of child costumes that take a little time and energy to create, but it is worth it. My son loved it, and I was proud of him for coming up with a creative idea for a costume.