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Coolest Homemade Earth Wind and Fire Costumes

Ancient cultures believed in the basic elements of life. Here, they are transformed into awesome homemade costumes for Halloween! Check out this collection of the coolest DIY earth wind and fire costumes.

First of all, is the earth costume idea. In order to create an effective look, one boy attached bugs to his scalp and head. Hopefully, not live ones.

Second in this section is wind. With it’s abstract nature, this can be trickier to personify. You will see a silvery, flowing look which is quite effective.

Finally there are the fire costumes. They are fantastically creative ideas to create the illusion of fire without actually setting oneself aflame! One young lady used streamers and helium balloons for an absolutely incendiary homemade costume.

So, whichever elements calls out to you, we look forward to seeing your homemade costume creation. Please share it with us here and help inspire others!