The BEAST stands 12 feet tall, his head moves up and down and side to side.  His eye’s light up from a switch controlled at my head level.  Arms are fully functioning.  It is pretty light, I walked around the whole neighborhood (with my daughter on low-hanging tree patrol).

I saw a giant costume guy at a corn maze and thought, “I have to have one of those!”  I couldn’t find any kind of instruction online on how to make something like this.  I had a hiking backpack and decided it would be perfect for the frame.  I bolted PVC to the frame to be the backbone and another that angles forward to make about a 1 ft square box at the top.  Another pipe runs down the middle to work as his neck.  A rope attaches to the chin and runs through the neck pipe to control head tilt. The head is removable for transportation.  The head is PVC pipe, duct tape, chicken wire and paper mache’.  The horns are real, I had them laying around the basement.

I think I will have to hit some costume contests next year  (if I can find places with really tall ceilings).