This Awesome Peg Bundy Costume was a HUGE success this Halloween!  I’ve always been a “Married with Children,” fan, and decided to create the best Peg Bundy costume I could! Peg Bundy is notorious for her hair, so my first step was finding the perfect wig. I found the most incredible wig at a wig shop (apposed to a Halloween store).

I found the leopard leggings at a cheap store in the mall, and paired them with a long sleeved tight black shirt, gaudy belt, leopard headscarf, and hoop earnings I already owed.  Next I purchased a thin black fluffy boa from an arts & crafts story, and hot-glued the fluff onto a pair of old, black, open toe, high heels I had lying around. Lastly, I bought super long, fake, glue-on nails from Walgreens, and a fake wedding band from a quarter machine.

I topped everything off with red lipstick, and shopping bags. I spent my Halloween party hopping with friends in Hollywood, CA.  Everyone on the Sunset Strip and Hollywood Blvd. knew who I was, and screamed things like “Peggy Bundy we love you.” It was a huge success!