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World’s First Known Spooky Space Kook Costume

I loved watching Scooby Doo as a young kid and was terrified by the scariest known Villain – the Spooky Space Kook. This guy glowed in the dark and had the scariest evil laugh known. So my decision was made and my project was started. The basic costume uses white work gloves, white sweat pants, white sweat shirt and white rubber boots. The helmet was made from a 14 inch plastic globe they use on outdoor street lamps and a piece of 12 inch PVC drain pipe. Both piece were carefully cut and fitted so they could be glued together at a later time.

All the white pieces of the costume were painted with blue glow in the dark spray paint . Once the PVC piece for the helmet was done, the plastic globe was glued PVC pipe with contact cement. When the glue was dried the helmet was outfitted with 2 very important features. First was the red lighting which was supplied by a set of battery powered Christmas lights that could blink on and off. The other important feature was an audio system to play the Evil Laugh of the Space Kook. I was able to do it by using a vintage cassette style walkman and a powered amplified speaker they use for iPod’s and MP3 players.  All items were carefully installed into the helmet and wired up to be activated by a hand held push button switch so that they would work at the exact same time. The Space Kook’s helmet would light up inside and flash when he made that famous evil laugh.

The failure and humorous tales of the construction for this costume include the following. My first try at trimming/cutting the plastic globe carefully with a hacksaw didn’t work too well. I was about 3/4’s done with the cutting when it literally just shattered in my hands, I was doing my best to be careful and “POP” – there it went. So I bought another plastic globe and used a dremel tool with a cutoff wheel and had much better success. The other problem I had was the Walkman, when I first bought it – it worked great. but after rewinding the tape, the belt started to slip and play really slow. So I bought another brand new (Yes, they still make them and sell them) and plugged in the speaker, it wasn’t compatible and didn’t work. So I had to buy a unopened still new in the box vintage walkman from the 80’s and finally had things working correctly together. Luckily those where the only problems I had on this project.

I have included 2 photos, one is a daytime shot and the other one is at night. How did I do?

World's First Known Spooky Space Kook Costume

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  1. Performix Plasti Dip 11258 Blue Glow Rubber Spray Paint is what I used. It’s very expensive for spray paint in a can. I kid you not when I tell you that there was $200.00 worth of paint used to make this costume. Please be prepared to be disappointed with any glow in the dark paints, they will glow – but not brightly. My pic that was taken shows me in a 100% dark room after being in the Noon sunshine.


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