We’re Off to See the Wizard of Oz Family Costume

It only took one look at the ruby red slippers for Claire age 5 to be certain she wanted to be Dorothy for Halloween. “But, who’s Dorothy,” she asked. So we rented the movie from the library to show her and stopped at the wicked witch she thought she saw enough and she didn’t like the witch, but had and idea. “We could all be the wizard of oz.”

Knowing we had a lion costume already that would fit Mel, age 3 thought maybe it was possible. Cora, age 1, had a pink dress, and viola Glinda the good witch. That makes the tin man and scarecrow left.

My husband was willing and so how hard could it be? Tagboard, duct tape, and metallic spray paint were suitable. My costume the scarecrow I attached straw to strings, burlap collar and patches.

Claire’s dress was a deal on eBay for $18 with the shoes. With a minimalistic budget we ending up making it work for $35!

We had fun at our local Lions Club carnival and it we single file walked into the event due to space and it was fun to see peoples faces see Dorothy, then the lion, then the scarecrow and then hey wow there’s the tin man!

We had a great time and it was fun to have a costume that was traditional and not trendy.

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